Welcome to All Paws Pet Care (Hereford Area)

At All Paws Pet Care we offer a real alternative to boarding your pets at a kennel or cattery or imposing upon friends and family. Our services are aimed at the responsible pet owner who wants the best care for their pets.

You can be away from home safe in the knowledge that your pets are in our capable and experienced hands.

Dog Walking

It can be quite clear-cut to be in hint blog post our assistance personnel are invariably hanging around approximately to speak with you

At All Paws Pet Care we provide a professional, reliable and friendly dog walking service.
Are you out at work all day and feel guilty about leaving your beloved pooch at home alone? I can relieve their boredom and take him/her on a lovely walk or an off lead run.
I offer half an hour or hourly walks as a one off or regular weekly walks.
1 hour walk – £12.00. Additional dog £6.00
Half hour walk – £7.50. Additional dogs £4.00

Dog Boarding

Home Boarding

At All Paws Pet Care we offer a safe and fun environment for your dog to spend their day.
Your dog will be well looked after while you are away.
If you are going away on holiday and don’t want to put your dog into kennels All Paws Pet Care are a better alternative.

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Your dog will live as part of the household with our dogs and other boarding dogs.
£24 per dog per day.
Additional dogs

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of the same household £15 per day.

Doggy Day Care

No more feeling guilty about leaving your dog all day while you are out at work.
Weather it’s just once a week now and again or regular weekly day care you require your dog will enjoy playing with our dogs and other visiting dogs.
£17 8am – 6pm – £1.50 per hour after these hours
Additional dogs of the same household £8.00.

Cat Visits

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This is for people who want to leave their cats at home in their own environment and with familiar surroundings and smells.
We visit your cat(s) once or twice a day, either 1 hour or half hour depending on your requirements.
We will feed your pets, give fresh water and clean their feeding bowls and litter trays.
Most important of all, we will give your cat(s) some cuddles and playtime and ensure they are in good general health.
Your property will also be checked, lights switched on / off, curtains drawn and post cleared if required.
If you have a cat flap we do ask you sign a catflap disclaimer.
20/30 Minute visit – £6.50

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If 0ver 3 cats and litter trays need emptying and cleaning there may be an additional charge.
We also have a 45p per mile fuel charge from our home in Weston Beggard to yours.

Small Pet Care

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At All Paws Pet care we will look after your Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Gerbils, Rats, Birds, Fish etc.
With this service we will come to your home to look after your small pets. We will feed, change the water, clean their cage if required.
We offer a half hour service minimum, but this can vary depending on the amount of pets.
We will consider all types of small mammals, birds and reptiles, but we do ask is that you provide detailed care instructions regarding diet and cleaning.
This service also means we can keep a check on your home as well.
20/30 Minute visit – £6.50 up to 3 pets
We also have a 45p per mile fuel charge from our home in Weston Beggard to yours.